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We are a bonded, professional Canadian Bailiff who can service your seizure needs properly and professionally. We are reliable, efficient and affordable.

We provide Bailiff support and can represent you in enforcing the following type of Liens:

  • PPSA Liens
    • Definition – WIKI – The Personal Property Security Act (“PPSA“) is the name given to each of the statutes passed by all common law provinces, as well as the territories, of Canada.
  • Repairman Liens
    • Definition – A mechanic or other person who, by bestowing money, skill or materials on any chattel in altering and improving its properties, or increasing its value, becomes entitled to a lien on the chattel for the amount or value of the money, READ MORE …
  • Warehouseman Liens
    • Definition – Every warehouser has a lien on goods deposited with the warehouser for storage, whether deposited by the owner of the goods or by the owner’s authority, or by any person entrusted with the possession of the goods by the owner READ MORE …
  • Commercial Rent Distress.
    • Definition – A landlord’s distress has priority over a security interest in the goods of the tenant other than a purchase money security interest in goods or proceeds of those goods that is perfected at the date of distress. READ MORE …

We provide PRIVATE licensed Bailiff Services, “WE ARE NOT A COURT APPOINTED BAILIFF“. Therefore; we are not able to enforce court orders for possession of property.  However, we can represent you on any resulting debts that may be collectable and we can act on all court ordered collection accounts on your behalf.


Residential Tenancy Order of Possession. Click on this link to find out more information.

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