Skip Tracing Services

We can search for individuals, also know as Skip Tracing, throughout Canada and the United States for a basic rate + disbursements. A lot of debtors are repeat offenders and our Company has an extensive database which is useful when Skip Tracing.

If you have to ask yourself the following questions you may need our Skip Tracing Services

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Skip Tracing

  • Did someone leave town owing you money?
  • Are you getting divorced and can’t find an address for serving of the legal documents?
  • Were you involved in an accident and legal documents have to be serviced?
  • Did you have some work done on your property and the contractor has disappeared?
  • Are you looking for a business, or a person within that business, that has closed its doors?
  • Are you having trouble finding someone who is named in a “Last Will and Testament”?
  • Were you a victim of a scam artist?

Locating people for serving of legal documents or other processes or for any other purposes is commonly known as Skip Tracing. We do not do locates by database only.

Skip Tracing … 

… also debtor recovery, is literally defined as “a technique to trace and locate person or persons who have vanished without leaving behind a trace of their identity or location”. Such an act can be due to evasion of financial or legal liability. Has someone left town while owing you money?

Skip Tracing is performed by collecting as much information as possible about the subject. A Flat Fee is available for the average location service. Additional costs may apply to those determined to be more extensive. For those individuals who are difficult to service, because they are attempting to keep their location unknown, additional charges may apply.

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Skip Tracing Services

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