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Consumer Protection

Here is a list of Acts of British Columbia that relate to various Liens for Collection procedures in our Province.

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  • Consumer Protection BC*
    • Consumer Protection BC promotes a fair marketplace for BC consumers and businesses. We were established in 2004 as a not-for-profit corporation to strengthen consumer protection in BC. We operate using a cost recovery model and we are the only organization of its kind in Canada.
  • Repairers Lien Act*
    • Under common law, a “Repairer” has the right to keep things he repaired until he is paid, but he does not have the right to sell the item in order to recover his costs.  If he gave the things back to the client without being paid, he has lost his lien.
  • Builders Lien Act*
    • It secures a claim for payment for work done on, or material supplied to a construction project, It may also apply to repairs or renovations made to an existing structure. Where a lien is registered in a Land Title Office, it becomes a revocable charge against the title to the land or property named.
  • Warehouse Lien Act*
    • A warehouse lien (also known as a “storage lien”) is a charge or claim made by an individual in the business of storage (known as a “warehouser”) on goods stored in their facility.
  • Rent Distress Act*
    • Distress is a remedy that a landlord can used for unpaid rent without having to go to court. The process allows a landlord to hire an agency to seize property on the rental premise that belongs to a tenant to recover money that is owed for rent. The property can be sold and the proceeds used for repayment of the rental and costs that may have incurred by the landlord during this process.

* NOTE: These are only excerpts from the actual Acts or summary definitions and are not meant to represent the Acts document named.  You are recommended to read the whole document to get a firm understanding or consult a lawyer before you move toward any action.

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