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Business Debt Collection can often be a means of financial survival for any business. If you as a small business are looking for a collection service, be sure to consider J. McMillan Bailiff and Collection Ltd.. We specialize in commercial collection for all sizes of companies.

Business Debt Collection

A collection agency, also a debt collector, is a business or other entity that specializes in debt collection, i.e. pursues payments of debts owed by persons, individuals or other businesses. Commonly debt collectors operate as agents for creditors and collect debts for a proposed fee or percentage of the amount owing.

It is one of our major focuses at J. McMillan Bailiff and Collection LtdSince 1998 our agency has been providing businesses across Canada and Internationally with effective services for debt collection.

Our business debt collection services provides any businesses with the credit and collection tools used by all the large businesses working in this field. J. McMillan Bailiff and Collection Ltd. has the infrastructure and technology to put your business on the same level as our large competitors. We provide the full gambit of Debt Collection Services for any and all of our clients.

Big or Small, Debt Collection Services are an easier process than you may think!

You simply call us for more information about our

Debt Collection Services at (250) 748-6125

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HISTORY of: Did you know?

Once debtors prisons were done away with, creditors had no solid recourse against delinquent debtors. If there was collateral involved in the debt, such as with a mortgage, the creditor could take the property in order to indemnify themselves.

However for unsecured debt, there is no way for the creditor to collect on his investment if the debtor had no money. Even if he receives a judgement against the debtor in court, everything hinges on the debtor being able to pay the judgement. READ MORE…